1. Til I Die 

2. Here It Goes

3. Black Light             

4. So Many Ways  

5. No Place Like You

6. Sensuality

Released: May 1995   Remastered: 2012

All Instruments and Vocals: Paul Brown

Written, Arranged and Produced by Paul Brown

Recorded and Mixed by Paul Brown

Recorded and Mixed at 205 30 Humberline, Toronto

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Sensuality – the original 1995 release has been newly remastered and is now available worldwide. These 6 funky songs feature sensational performances by Paul on all the instruments and vocals and were recorded on 4-track analog tape. The tracks were culled from around 80 songs that Paul had written and produced during an especially prolific period of creativity in 1994-1995. The music abounds with funk and energy; and due in part to the production modus operandi of rapidly recording in one or two takes, retains momentum and spontaneity. Paul's playing on the tracks is predominantly groove-focused, maintaining restraint within the decidedly tight song structures. Sensuality was an underground classic on the Toronto scene; and now, having been sonically boosted by way of modern mastering techniques, is available for all to hear on CD and digital download.