1. Down with your Love

2. Love in the Next Life

3. So On Point

4. Neptune

5. Come with the Heat

6. 11:11

7. Beautiful Tears

8. What It Is

9. Galatian Garden

10. Future of Funk

11. Beyond the Game

12. All She Needs

13. Paradise

Originally Released - 2001

Remixed & Remastered - 2011

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Machines: Paul Brown

Composed and Produced by Paul Brown

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Paul Brown

The 2011 Edition of the classic 2001 album, ‘Cosmic Love’, is remixed and remastered featuring all new instrumental mixes of the original multi-track recordings. ‘Cosmic Love‘ highlights Paul’s broadening experimentation in the studio and fuses elements of R&B, funk and electronic music in sophisticated arrangements featuring his fluid keyboard playing, slick funk bass guitar, psychedelic electric guitar and drum machines. The original, unedited recordings; which Paul had recorded on a Fostex digital multi-track recorder between 1998 and 2001, have been rebalanced, processed and mastered.