1. Down with your Love

2. Love in the Next Life

3. So On Point

4. Neptune

5. Come with the Heat

6. 11:11

7. Beautiful Tears

8. What It Is

9. Galatian Garden

10. Future of Funk

11. Beyond the Game

12. Paradis

13. All She Needs

Released: 2001, Remastered: 2021

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums & Vocals: Paul Brown

Composed and Produced by Paul Brown

Track 11 composed with Mike Conto

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Paul Brown

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COSMIC LOVE (2011 Instrumental Edition)

The 2011 Edition of the classic 2001 album, ‘Cosmic Love’, is remixed and remastered featuring all new instrumental mixes of the original multi-track recordings. ‘Cosmic Love‘ reveals Paul’s broadening experimentation in the studio, fusing elements of funk and electronic music in complex arrangements featuring his fluid keyboard playing, funk bass guitar, guitar and drum machines. The original recordings, recorded on a digital multi-track recorder between 1998 and 2001, have been rebalanced, processed and mastered.