Paul David Brown is a Canadian musician/producer. He is a talented multi-instrumentalist player on guitar, bass and piano keyboards, producing various styles of music: funk, jazz and electronic. Paul’s latest album, Love and Peace; an eclectic collection of tracks, is available now. Paul presently resides near Ottawa, Ontario and provides music production services including composition, mixing and mastering.

Born in Victoria, B.C., and growing up in the town of Killaloe, Ontario, Paul started playing piano, bass and guitar at an early age, and at 16 began playing bass in bands; performing at various venues. Around 1990, Paul began to record extensively on a multi-tracker, recording original songs and experimenting in the studio.

Paul relocated to Toronto in 1993 to attend the Humber College Music Program; studying jazz, majoring in bass and arranging and graduating with honours in 1997. He played bass in jazz ensembles and the 15-piece R&B group, The Bluejackets Required. Paul performed as lead singer/guitarist with several bands in Toronto; including the funk band, The Downstroke, performing in venues throughout Toronto, Ontario, Quebec and the US. Paul has prolifically produced music in various styles, releasing albums such as: Cosmic Love and Sound and producing music for media, film, television and other artists. While naturally embracing musical traditions, Paul aims to create his own style, powerful moods and experiences, and is at present creating exciting new music.

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